New Hardware: Samsung Galaxy Tab

If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know I’ve been looking for a new tablet device. I’ve made my decision. I was originally going to get a Windows tablet. But when I looked at the available tablets I found that the emphasis seems to be on making them smaller and lighter and as a consequence they are lower powered than what I have with longer battery life. I get pretty good battery life already, so there wasn’t a big incentive for me to get a new Windows tablet just yet. Mine is good enough.

For a breif moment I considered the iPad 2 but the new unit looks to be an incremental upgrade from the original. So I’m leaving it alone.

Next on the list was an Android tablet. That’s what I got, a Samsung Galaxy Tab. It’s a nifty little device in it’s own right. It’s small enough to fit in one hand or the back pocket of some jeans (not that I recommend carrying that way, to many pick pockets around) but large enough to make for a good eBook reader. I was also pleased with how consistent it is with other Samsung devices. I’ll be talking more about it (and another mobile operating system!) in the coming weeks.

iOS Firmware Expired?

This always happens to me. After installing a beta/pre release version of iOS I forget to install the final version when it comes out and the firmware expires. Unlike regular firmware updates I’ve never been prompted by iTunes to perform an update of the firmware when a release version is available. It seems that one has to download it and install it manually. When the firmware expires you end up with a device that has all of the notifications and reminders still showing up but the inability to get to the applications producing those notifications or reminders.

Anyway, this happened to me again the other day. I didn’t feel like addressing it then, but now that I’ve got the time I’m downloading the updated firmware (manually) to install. I found the site which keeps track of the direct links to all of the iOS device firmware. Makes it much easier to find what I need. On the downside this looks to be a 30 minute download, so I’ll go do some other development for a while.