Enabling Development Mode on Samsung Tizen TVs

The modern Samsung TVs run the Tizen operating system. You can develop for these just as you might develop for the Tizen based watches. The Tizen TVs are locked down more than the watch is.  To deploy to a Tizen TV you’ll need to both enable developer mode and will have to let the TV know from what address it will be receiving code. If it receives request from other addresses it won’t respond to them.

On the consumer displays there is no obvious way to enable developer mode. The option is hidden. If you open the apps browser (for seeing what other apps there are to install) you can open the developer mode menu by entering “12345” on the remote. A popup window will show from which you can select to turn developer mode “On.” If you are using one of the commercial displays (SSSP, or Samsung Smart Signage Platform) the method to enable developer mode is more obvious. If you open the TV’s menu there is an option called URL Launcher Settings. The developer mode option is within these settings.

On the consumer devices you’ll also be asked to enter the IP address of the machine from which the development will occur. This prevents other rouge devices on your network from doing anything to the TV.  Here you should enter the IP address of your development machine.

After these options are set the TV needs to be rebooted before the changes are fully applied. you can do this by holding the power button on the consumer TVs for two seconds, holding the power off button on a SSSP display for 2 seconds, or removing the power source from the TV and reapplying it.

After the TV boots developer mode is now enabled. However the mode being enabled doesn’t mean that all of the conditions for deploying code have been met. You will need to generate a distributor certificate also. Samsung has this page with instructions for generating a certificate. In following these directions you will need the the Device Unique ID (DUID). To get this you first need to connect to the TV. I prefer to use the sdb utility that comes with the Tizen SDK. It is located in tizen-studio/tools (adjust this path according to the location at which you installed Tizen Studio). The syntax for connecting is:

sdb connect

Sometimes I have to type the command twice before it takes effect. After the connection is successful open the Tizen Device Manager. You should see the TV connection within the UI. If you right-click on the connection you will have the option of selecting the TV’s DUID. Select this option and copy the DUID to the system clipboard. Keep the DUID on the system clipboard and when it is needed during the certificate generation it will automatically be pasted where it is needed.

If you at some point find that you need the TV extensions, don’t have them installed, and don’t see them in the the package manager you can install them using these instructions. https://developer.samsung.com/tv/develop/tools/tv-extension/download/

Creating a certificate based on the Device Uniuque ID (DUID) is slightly different for the two classes of displays. For the consumer displays a Samsung certificate should be created. For the commercial displays a Tizen certificate should be created. It can be a little confusing with Tizen being a Samsung creation. But you may be able to make better sense of it from another perspective. The Samsung certificate is associated with the Samsung App store. The consumer displays access the app store and the certificate rules for that are different than for apps that have no access to the App Store.



Bixby Studio Available for all Bixby Compatible Devices @SDC19


Samsung announced today at the annual Developer Conference that Bixby Studio, their developer tool for building natural language interactions, is available on all devices that support Bixby. Previously this functionality was only available on the mobile devices. With today’s announcement it is available on other devices such as the TV, Tizen powered refrigerators, and the watch.

To encourage developers to get started with Bixby development they’ve also opened a contest offering thousands of dollars in prizes. For more information on the contest visit BixbyDevJam.com.

Consumer v Commercial Displays

There are two mistakes that one might make about the difference in consumer and commercial displays.

Mistake 1: Commercial Display are just Consumer Displays that cost More

This is an easy mistake to make because at first glance the displays may look alike. But commercial displays are made to withstand a wider range of conditions than their consumer counterparts. An illustration of this that comes to my mine is a display I worked on that was installed in an airport. When the display opened to the public we saw some abuses that we didn’t quite imagine. The installation included touch screens. We expected people to touch the screens. We didn’t expect people to set their children on top of the displays. Yes, this really happened. The displays survived the years that they were at the installation without problems, but I still consider some of what they endured to be borderline abusive. If a small child were set on a consumer display (do not do this) I’m pretty sure that it wouldn’t last long.

That is just one of the tolerances that a commercial display may have that it’s consumer counter part does not. The commercial displays may also have higher tolerance for moisture (perhaps even outdoor use), temperature, potentially higher potentially a brighter screen (as might be needed for outdoor use).

Commercial displays may have a number of features that the consumer counter parts do not.  These may be additional connections (such as RS232), the ability to control several displays at once (as one might want to do in a video array configuration) and even internal media players or security features.

Mistake 2: A Commercial Display would make a good Home Display

This misconception comes from the idea that a commercial display is a consumer display with features added. The reality is that while the commercial displays may have additional features they might also be missing features that the consumer displays have. If you buy a typical consumer display above a certain size it will have the ability to run several consumer oriented applications such as a Netflix and Hulu player and a few others. The commercial displays don’t have this; and that is understandable since they are not for engaging in these consumer activities. A person that pays the extra money to get a commercial display may leave one feeling quite disappointed after realizing the features that are not available.

Samsung Consumer Displays v Samsung Commercial Displays

I’m looking at to displays that were made at about the same time. Both are made by Samsung; one is a consumer display and the other is a commercial display. Getting the differences between them has required my own exploration and experimentation. Samsung has a site at https://samsungDforum.com that contains information about the consumer displays. Unfortunately this information is only available to those that sign up for the Samsung Partner program. From what I’ve read about this program an NDA is required to enroll within it. I have not signed up for this program; if I did then I wouldn’t be able to talk about the information gained within it. As part of my interest in the displays is to talk about them (on this blog) I’m instead am gathering information both from experimenting with the display and through scraps of information available on the Internet.

The process of experimentation has had it’s moments of frustration, and I’ve already written some material on my experiences that are to be posted in the future.  In my next post on this topic I’ll talk about the differences in the Samsung Consumer and Commercial displays.


End of Linux on DeX Beta

Unfortunately, Samsung has recently announced the end of Linux on Dex support. The last time I mentioned LoD was when Samsung mentioned it was coming to more devices. A close associate recently acquired one of those devices to which support was coming. When I tried to get her sign up for the Beta I had found that there was no way to get her signed up. That was about two weeks before the Samsung announcement.

To summarize, Samsung stated what as one upgrades to Android 10 they would loose the Linux on DeX functionality; if someone wants to run a full Linux setup on their computer they will have to avoid upgrading. There was no statement on whether or not there will be anything to replace this functionality.

Personally I will miss this functionality. When I was finally able to access it I was able to leave my computer behind when I went on trips. While it wasn’t as fully ccapable as my laptop it supported enough functionality to be a secondary developerment solution; I could do enough things to respond to some unanticipated requests. I had access to GIT, Node, and various other development and command line tools include Visual Studio Code. Unless Google or Samsung plan to release a replacement this will be functionality lost with the next OS update.

In the mean time I’ll be looking back to the Chromebook. The Chromebook has some limited linux support that may be helpful. Though the last time I used it there was no where near as much functionality as LoD.

It will be missed. 😦

Creating a new Tizen Project for Samsung TVs

The objective of this entry while basic covers an easy mistake to make. It is a mistake that I have made. I’ve got a new Samsung Series 6 TV and I tried to deploy a new project to it. Errors were encountered, frustration levels were raised, but eventually I encountered success.

The Samsung TVs are more locked down than some of the other Tizen devices that I’ve worked with. The more recent ones are more locked down than some of the previous ones. When things go wrong this is what you might see.

The TV I am using runs version 4 of the Tizen operating system. I make a new Tizen project and select to create the new project from the TV templates choosing Tizen 4 as the platform.


Attempts to debug the project created from this template fail. I get an error message stating:

Launching [your app name here] has encountered a problem

The terminal output isn’t of much help.

Launching the Tizen application...
# If you want to see the detailed information,
# please set the logging level to DEBUG in Preferences and check the log file in 'C:\tizen-studio-data\ide\logs/ide-20191006_014055.log'.

[Initializing the launch environment...]
RDS: Off
Target information: UN43NU6900
Application information: Id(07DOxO8iKR.SystemInfo3), Package Name(07DOxO8iKR), Project Name([your app name here])
Unexpected stop progress...
(0.337 sec)

So what gives?  There are two ways to address this that are essentially two paths to the same destination. The manual solution involves editing a couple of configuration options in the files config.xml and .tproject.

The file .tproject is not visible in the Tizen IDE. But you can still open it through file -> open. This file is an XML file. There is an element named that has a sub-element . I changed the value here to tv-samsung-540. The other change in config.xml is on an element of the form . This needs to be changed to .

Why are these changes necessary? I don’t have full confirmation on this, but I believe it has to do with differences between a generic Tizen device and Samsung Tizen devices. At the time of this writing I know of no physical implementations of any non-Samsung TV Tizen devices. But it does exist as a specification.

The other solution would be performed at the creation of the project. When creating a new project do not select from the TV project templates. Instead select the Custom project templates. Within these templates there is a TV template subtype. If you choose this project type then you will start off with the configuration files mentioned above having the values that are needed.

As the Tizen operating system and the development environment are updated year to year more readers will read this entry after a new Tizen version has been released than before. It is likely that the exact values that you include here will be different than what I have used. You may need to update the values accordingly. But hopefully this will point you in the right direction.

Album Release Party: Nine

An associate and I have been attending some entertainment events lately that I wanted to write about. One was an album release party, the other was a gathering of SciFi book authors. I’ll be writing about the SciFi experience soon. But my associate has already written about his experience at the album release party.  The following was written by A. Harrison.

Album Release for Nine


I rode from Cobb County, GA to midtown to pick up my friend at his 8th street tower apartment. 27 minutes to his residence, the pick up was quick with no time wasted. We headed to the location on Crescent. I don’t know why I thought of another location on Cypress, I can see the building in my mind. Nonetheless, my friend corrected me and 1100 Crescent Ave NE, Traffik Kitchen and Cocktails was in sight, but wait, there’s a line, wrapped around the building from Crescent Ave. to the side street/12th street. We rode past the venue looking for parking. We decided to park in a secure garage at the brand new Moxy Atlanta Midtown Hotel. We took the elevator from the parking garage to the street level. The hotel was chic modern with full game room and bar instead of a traditional hotel lobby, but I digress. We exited the building to a cool and breezy night in Midtown Atlanta. Below 70 degrees feeling great.

Walking from the Moxy we were contemplating what would be our angle of approach to Traffik. Should we approach from 13th street to Crescent passing the front door of Traffik, properly scoping the front door, security and handlers? Or should we take Peachtree Walk NE to 12th street bringing up the rear of the line being very discreet? We decided on the latter. Walking through slight inclines and feeling that nice chilly breeze we were happy the cool weather in Atlanta had finally arrived.

Alas we arrived at the rear of the line. We quickly made a friend in line with a fellow Lil’Kim fan. We examined the other fans (BeeHive) and their attire. I must say we are a very calm, snappy when necessary, and good looking bunch of fans. We talked about how excited we were to be there and speculated what time they would start moving the line to let folks in. Tonight was Lil’Kim’s big night back in Smyrna at the Cobb Energy Center where the BET Hip Hop Awards was being filmed. Lil’Kim was the highlight of the evening as the “I Am Hip Hop” Icon Award recipient. Huge accomplishment at this point in her career. Over 21 years in the game and still producing music as a female rap artist is very commendable. Her career is longer than Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliot’s. After about 10 minutes in line I had my friend do a walk around to view the front of the line and see what was what. He came back reporting that there were two lines. The one that we were in and another for Press. With that information, maybe we did needed to approach passing the front of Traffik, as we were in fact Press as we registered our passes with our affiliating organizations. J2i Tech blog for me and CNA entertainment for my friend. So we switched lines.

thumbnail_image (1)

Once the doors opened, Press was being let in first and we had a smooth transition through security entering the building. I’m familiar with this location as I’ve had many Friday night outings here as it was formerly Truth lounge. Now, Traffik Kitchen and Cocktails, the set up was the same with the bar on the right, and many VIP areas on the left. The space was lit up with Lil’Kim album promotional material everywhere. Ice Sculptures of the album title (9)

with her name, life size posters of her album cover for fans to take pictures with. The entire bar has digital signage in the background of the liquor bottles. That digital signage was running a continuous loop of Lil’Kim albums, award show looks, fashion campaigns, etc throughout her career. You had to be there to feel the moment. Time passed by and the anticipation of Lil’Kim’s entrance was high.

The Clock struck 12:27am, on October 6, and Lil’Kim has arrived to her iconic song Queen *****, off her Debut album Hardcore……. “if peter piper pecked em, I bet you biggie bust em, he probably tried to F&^% em, I told him not to trust em….” the song plays to Kim being escorted to VIP walking up the steps to an area that is 3 VIP’s wide. She’s dressed in her acceptance speech outfit from the Hip Hop Awards show, fish-nets, with knee high boots, a custom diamond encrusted leotard and her hair is pink with finger waves and a ponytail. She instantly steps onto one of the couches in her heels and starts to dance between two couches as the crowd cheers her on. She is joined by the likes of Lil’Cease from Junior Mafia, Tiffany Foxx, Pretty Vee (Girls Cruise castmate), OT Genasis (featured on the album 9) later in the night, and many other knowns and unknowns in the music industry.

The DJ is playing old school hits as well as current music…..however we’re thirsting for a new track from album. See Track listing below.

  1. Pray for me(feat. Rick Ross & Music Soulchild)
  2. Bag
  3. Catch My Wave (feat. Rick The Kid)
  4. Go Awff
  5. Too Bad
  6. You Are Not Alone
  7. Found You(feat. O.T. Genasis and City Girls)
  8. Auto Blanco
  9. Jet Fuel

Finally, the DJ Plays a known track from the new album. We are familiar with the song because Kim’s Pre-Orders on iTunes and other platforms started October 4th. The song is “Pray for me” feat. Rick Ross and Music Soulchild. It’s a great opener for the album where Kim sings along with Music Soulchild. Kim describes this track as two songs in one as the beat changes when Rick Ross enters with his hard Mayback Music esq lyrics. Kim starts off the track with smooth slow rapping stressing the “pray for me” theme, before Rick Ross’s delivery on the new beat, Kim returns with a second part in the song rapping moreso and stressing her greatness and the haters who are needing to repent.

The DJ is playing regular music hyping the crowd as the night goes on until he announces he has another track from the album 9. He doesn’t say what song it is, but close listening reveals its 9’s second track “Bag”. At 1:04 AM, the beat sounds like a variation of piano keys, under water, under heavy synthesis as Kim rap/sings “People looking at me different, people looking at me funny……”. The crowd listens intensely as the pre-order didn’t allow for that track to be downloaded as it did with “Pray for me”. Before long the crowd recognizes and mouths along the hook “give me that bag, give me that bag!” when the hook reprises. Sounds like an instant hit and my friend is looking like what he would later

reveal that this is his favorite track of the album. After 3 minutes 5 seconds of the track, the DJ transitions into a classic P Diddy and the family track “All About the Benjamins”, saying “Since we talking about that bag”.

The next track off the album comes at 1:16am, and it’s the 5th cut off the album, “Too Bad”. This is a chill track as the beat comes in soft then heavy drums, as Kim starts off “I’ma really, really run through it, run through it….”, the crowd listens again. Kim is telling a story on this track but hearing it the first time I can’t pick up the story, it is captivating, nonetheless. Halfway through the track the DJ announces that OT Genasis has entered the building. The track continues to the end and the DJ transitions into Junior Mafias “Get Money”.

The next track the DJ Plays from “9” is “You are not alone”. At 1:30am, this track was hard to figure until Kim reminds you in the song “you are not alone” many times. She’s telling another story. If you are a hater leave her alone she pleads “Please leave my life alone, Please leave my life alone” singing with long runs and vibratos. If you haven’t realized already this is not Kim from 1996, this is 2019 New Kim and it’s a joy to hear her growth. The track plays for 2 minutes 13 seconds and transitions into Meg The Stallions “Cash ****”.

The night went on and my feet hit their limit in my brown dress shoes. The clock struck 2:01 am and I escorted my new friend and fellow Kim fan out of the venue to the street where we parted ways for our cars. I thoroughly enjoyed the night and have a confidence in this album I’ve never felt since I was in college during the late 90’s.